Soul Path Reading

What is Soul Path Reading?

A soul path reading is a beautiful way to connect with the realm of Spirit through channeled messages from your angels, guides, animal totems, ancestors, loved ones, and Higher Self.

soul path reading

What are the possible topics a soul path reading may address?

Your intention and questions for the reading are heard by Spirit and they will guide the information and insights that are most important to be expressed at the time. If you do not have specific questions, the following are some possible dimensions your reading may address; you may wish to hear from loved ones, human or animal, that have passed. You may wish to gain clarity and insights into the journey your soul has chosen in this life. It is also a way to explore existing and future possibilities and potential paths to empower your gifts and purpose. It may unfold as a way to understand past events in your life for growth and spiritual development. The soul path reading may also address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions and characteristics of your Being to help you better understand the behaviours and belief systems that motivate your thoughts, actions and relationships. Any blockages that wish to be brought to your awareness may surface to be worked with and released so healing may begin to happen. Suggestions and tools for transformation and healing may also present themselves to help you enrich and bring more joy into your life’s journey.

photo credit: jordan heath